Monday, February 9, 2009

Thoughts on patch 3.0.8

As patch go Patch 3.0.8 was a little on the hefty side. Especially considering it added no new content to the game. What it did do was change a tremendous amount of talents, game mechanics, items, and instances. Most of which I think were very positive, but some are downright frustrating. Many of the changes to Death Knights are strictly PVP related, which is something I have always found to be quite onerous. I do not Arena, and I don't like changes that are Arena driven to force changes in my PVE play. I'm referring to the changes in the Anti-Magic shell and Gargoyle as examples of some of these.

Outside of a few of those instances I think Blizzard did fairly well. You can definitely see the trend of balancing similar abilities across class, like all taunts now having a 30-yard range and damage mitigation or avoidance abilities being equalized. From that we can see they haven't backed off their assertion regarding classes -- "Bring the player, not the class", though it still isn't quite correct. If you look at Rogues right now for example, they are no where near the top of the DPS hierarchy raid wise. Which is surprising considering where they were at the end of the Burning Crusade. As a raid leader, Rogues are probably the last DPS class I would want to bring now. So I think Blizz still has a little work cut out for them.

In summary, I think I'd give Blizzard an 8 out of 10 on this patch. Some very nice changes and additions, but I think they made a few that falling into the annoying category too.