Monday, February 16, 2009

Love was not in the air for all

Well, it's over. As of 6am EST this morning the world event called "Love is in the air" ended and many people were unable to finish the meta achievement because they were unable to loot at least one of the items that only drops from the gift of adoration. And you only get that once every 60 minutes. For the second year in a row I was unable to get the perma-peddlefoot, though I was able to complete the Love is in the Air meta achievement on Saturday. I was one of the lucky ones I suppose. Of course it helped considerably that I was able to play vastly more hours than the average person.

I think I have been fairly forthcoming with my distaste for this type of achievement construction. Blizzard has stated several times they are "fine" with the level of luck some of the achievements require, but I think that shows a level of arrogance they may come to regret one day. I don't truly believe anyone is asking for achievements to be "easy", but it's something again entirely when you create achievements that are completely random chance. Those achievements favor people who can play more because of probability. Yet there were plenty of examples of people posting on the official forums that had looted 70+ gifts of adoration and were still unable to complete the candy achievement, or get a peddlefoot.

I want achievements that reward perseverance rather than luck. I want achievements that require me to think, rather than one that makes me log in every hour on the hour for an RNG check. Somehow I think Blizzard has the know how and talent to make this happen. So why aren't they?