Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Love is in the air

Yes folks, it's time for another world event full of achievements! Except this one is probably one of the more difficult meta achievements to complete because it requires several items that are "rare" drops, or items that can only be looted once every 60 minutes. Which means those who have less time to play than others are going to be at a severe disadvantage to those with more time to play. Despite some fairly loud complaints on the official Achievements board, all Blizzard did to rectify the situation was to remove the "Perma-Peddlefoot" achievement from the meta achievement, and called it a day.

Since this world event is only five and a half days long, I suggest that anyone wanting to complete all the individual achievements for the meta, and perhaps still get the Perma-Peddlefoot pet not wait too long to start. And when you do start, do not miss any opportunity to get the gifts of Adoration. Only from those--earnable only once per hour, can you loot the Perma-Peddlefoot, the black dress, and some of the other items needed for the other achievements.

For Blizzards part, they had ample opportunity to change these achievements so everyone had an equal chance at completing them, and in my view they have let a lot of people down.