Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What kind of player are you?

Are you the kind of player that has only one character in WoW? Or if you have others, are they toons you semi-retired long ago and you only play one toon now? Or are you someone who has several toons and you bounce around on them based on a whim, or plays several toons regularly? In my time playing WoW I have noted that there really are only two types of players. I find myself in the latter, having several toons and playing them regularly, or at the very least concentrating on one but playing the others here and there.

I'm what I like to affectionately call, an alt-a-holic. A couple months ago I had started a new Shaman, and got him leveled to 70 in the weeks prior to release of WotLK. Since then I have concentrated on playing him, for the most part, though I do also play my Death Knight (now level 75) and my Druid (still 70). I have others, but I find I have very little time to play them these days.

I ask these questions because an interesting observation came to mind this morning. Some people are very driven in the sense that they play one and only one character. They work on all the achievements, and probably have a couple hundred Badges of Heroicism right now. On the other hand, I find myself more than willing to run Heroics, or do dailies, or farm here and there but that doesn't hold my attention for long periods. Once I start raiding I find I am less willing to muddle around on my raiding character running content which I get very little out of. I find leveling much mor rewarding. Perhaps its simply I get bored standing around in Shatt or Dalaran looking for groups when I could be out solo-ing on a character I'm leveling up.

Frankly the badge gear right now is not very appealing, so I expect to get most of my gear upgrades through raiding. I'll accumulate my badges as they come, until something truly nice is added to the badge venders. That makes sense in my mind since we have multiple opportunities to obtain T7 armor pieces from different raids. T7 gloves drop in Naax as well as in the Obsidian Sanctum (Sartharion). And I believe off Archevon also. If all else fails you can simply pay the 60 badges for the gloves off the badge vender. The point being, I find myself not feeling much pull to get in several heroic runs each day. I certainly will if the opportunity presents itself though, because grouping and doing things with friends is what I truly like to do.

So over the past couple days I've noticed my attention has been drawn more and more often to my Death Knight. And I actually spent a few hours between yesterday and Sunday leveling him up. And once I get him to a certain point gear progression wise, I'm sure my attention will be drawn back to my Druid, who incidentally I still consider my main.

Do you find your experiences in WoW much the same?