Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I loath Tuesdays

Oh yes I absolutely loath it! But today especially so. I wake up early to get in an hour or so of farming before heading off to work to see messages in chat that the server was shutting down in 8 minutes. So they decided to start today's maintenance early, but then I come home to find the servers are still offline. Not only that but extended until at least 4pm EST. My wife gets home at 5 with dinner coming shortly thereafter so its basically a completely lost day of the week for me. And its been much like this the past few weeks. Adding insult to injury we're still experiencing those big lag spikes when the servers are up, though no where near as bad as the two weeks immediately after introduction of patch 3.0.2.

I miss those heady days of yesteryear when Blizzard announced they'd be performing regular maintenance only once every 3 weeks. One week there would be no maintenance at all, then the next rolling restarts, and finally the third week normal maintenance. Blizzard, what ever happened to that?