Monday, December 8, 2008

The start of formal guild raiding

My guild now has enough people to put together two 10-man raiding teams, so we had formally started 10-man raiding last night. We had previously downed 10-man Sartharion twice previously, and PUGed a 25-man Archevon raid last week as well. But last night we sent two teams into Naax. I had been in 10-man Naax in a complete PUG last week and cleared the Plague, Spider and up to the Four Horsemen in the Deathknight wing before we broke up for bed. So I was expecting great things from our team last night.

That didn't exactly happen though. Initially we entered Naax and wiped three times on the first set of mobs inside the plague wing. It was a miserable 40 minutes while we figured out that the dungeon was actually set on Heroic! Funny now, but it wasn't so while we were getting our butts kicked. Needless to say the trash mobs went down much easier on non-heroic mode. The first boss (Noth) would have been downed on the first attempt had several people not been locked out because they weren't fully inside the room when the fight initiated. But we did get him down pretty easily on the second attempt. But that sort of set the tone for what came next, which was Heigan the Unclean. And anyone who knows who he is knows about the "dance". 12 attempts on him, and we were not able to get him down any closer than 16%.

Outside about 4-5 of the team, people simply could not stay alive during phase 2 of the fight. Some of whom were even being killed moving from section 1 to section 2. But most were always killed moving from section 4 back to section 3. Which to anyone should tell them they were simply going too far into section 4 to begin with, and weren't reacting fast enough to move back to section 3 once the pulse concluded. They put a marker over my head after the first couple of attempts and I think people were waiting to see me move, which of course introduced at least a second delay for them, and they would get caught by the pulse. It was just an example of a symptom which we've all experienced before in non-hardcore raiding guilds. And that is people being unprepared. There were those last night who hadn't done any research what so ever before walking into the instance. They hadn't bothered to read about the fights, or watch a video.

And I find this very frustrating personally. We should have walked into Naax last night and cleared the Plague wing at a very minimum. Cleared Plague wing and probably the first boss of two in the Spider wing. Instead I walked out after 3 hours with a 40 gold repair bill and serious reservations about many of the people on the team.

Myself and the raid leader had hopes of clearing Naax on a weekly basis, as well as 10-man Sartharion and probably Archevon as well. Now I think we'll be lucky to clear the first wing in Naax within the next few weeks.