Thursday, November 20, 2008

WotLK one week old today

Happy anniversary WotLK! Yes, WotLK is one week old today and things are finally beginning to ease up in the starter zones. I've been leveling two characters simultaneously, so I'm probably leveling somewhat slower than most people. And consequently my Shaman is only level 4 and still in the beginning stages of the DragonBlight. And my Death Knight is level 72 and has finished the Borean Tundra and about half of the Howling Fjord. There are visibly less people in the both starter zones, so questing there is now much easier. Which is great because those zones weren't designed for 10k+ characters running around in them anyway. Its also becoming a little harder to get groups for the starter instances (Utgard Keep and the Nexus). I sat in the LFG for most of the afternoon on my level 70/71 Dk yesterday afternoon and never did get into a group. I would say the majority of players are now in the 73-75 zones and running the next level of instances.

And incidentally, now that I've had the chance to run both Borean Tundra and the Howling Fjord twice I would say I prefer the Borean Tundra. The quests seem easier generally, and give better upgrades sooner, that the Howling Fjord does.

Also, one week in and we are also finally seeing some of the prices for ore and herbs coming down. Cobalt ore was selling for 12+ gold per ore in the first day or two after release. And it's now down to about 4-6 gold per ore as of last night. Given a couple more weeks I would expect to see Cobalt ore selling for about what we used to pay for Adamantite ore toward the end of BC.

Isn't it interesting how things tend to proceed along a path of equilibrium?