Saturday, November 29, 2008

What to do at level 80?

I hit 80 on my Shaman the 26TH and have had opportunity to run a few heroics and about three quarters of 10-man Naax (awesome BTW!). Naturally at end-game one would be running as many heroics daily as possible in order to eventually get some nice badge gear. And raiding if you can as well. My Naax run was a PUG and my guild isn't up to running any raids yet with only about 14 or 15 of us being 80 as of yet. So what does one do with all the time in between heroics and the odd PUG raid? Dailies of course! Well, dailies and farming. And in my case leveling two additional characters with important trade skills!

In the Outlands the dailies were very defined, and there wasn't a great deal of travel involved to get between any of them. But that isn't necessarily the case in Northrend. It can literally take more than five minutes to travel from Dalaran to the Ebon Blade quest hub out of Icecrown, which is one of the three major daily quest hubs. The other two are the Kalu'ak, out of three neutral villages along the coast of southern Northrend, and the Oracles out of Storm Peaks.

I've had opportunity to do the three Kalu'ak dailies and the six Ebon Blade dailies but haven't done any questing what so ever in Stormpeaks as of yet. The Kalu'ak dailies are a little on the novel side. One requires you to gather some fish with a neat and then use the fish to lure a bull sea lion to a waiting female sea lion in the name of getting them acquainted. Kind of cute. Another requires you to drop into a series of small villages and kidnap some kids. literally. And the third requires you to run around a war zone and pick up a few supply crates. All in all they collectively should take you no more than about 15 minutes, but that might differ if others are doing them at the same time. The Ebon Blade quests aren't as bad but the dailies I've witnessed to date are tied to small areas which causes problems when even a few people are doing them simultaneously. That just wasn't the case in BC dailies where very few of them caused problems if say 5-6 people were doing them at any one time. Which is unfortunate considering how much time Blizzard had to truly plan all this out.

I can only assume that Blizzard will be unveiling new dailies in the coming weeks and months because the three main hubs in game now won't last people very long. I earn 1500 rep a day from Kulu'ak and already find myself about 6k into revered. And with Championing, Ebon Blade could take very little time at all to level to exalted. If I were to guess, I'd say we could expect more dailies centered around Ulduur, which is to be patched into WotLK in patch 3.1. Let us just hope that those, if indeed that is their intention, are more akin to the Shattered Sun Offensive than what we've seen thus far.