Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Achievements part duex

When last I mentioned it I Had completed my Diplomat achievement and had started my Kureni rep grind in pursuit of the 50 mount (Albino Drake reward) achievement. I found the Kureni rep grind surprisingly easy, which made me wonder why I never did it on any of my other toons. I went from Honored (half way through) to Exalted in 24 hours. And that was basically grinding an hour here and there in between doing other things. Happily I now sit at 41 mounts and I'm within 3-4 days of completing the grind to Exalted with the Netherwing. Sadly I'm probably another 12 days out from the Skyguard, which I expect to give me the last couple mounts I'll need to get my Drake.

Beside that I've also been pursuing pets, of which I have about 36 as of this morning. For some reason I really want that skunk! And I've been spending time fishing the pools in Skettis looking for Mr. Pinchy, though he hasn't shown me a lot of love as of yet. Next to the magical crawdad, the pet I most wanted was the sinister squashling, which of course I never won in the 2-3 times it dropped for me during the Halloween world event, and which I never "looted" while trick-or-treating. Though I did get it on an alt!

All this new found desire to do things in game is a huge bonanza. I've found it great fun, and I know that many others are likewise. Really can't credit Blizzard enough for bringing this in!