Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yes, let those grizzled old developers do what they do

Lum it seems, is not a big fan of SW:TOR. Or more to the point, not a fan of huge developmental budgets and the effect that has on the market. Can't say I disagree with his assessment, however, I for one think that fewer choices on the market is exactly what we need. Back in October I ruminated about the abysmal performance of new MMOs, and that I thought there were far too many options in the MMO market. The players are horribly fragmented across dozens of games, and with the advent of free-to-play games, and apps from social networking sites, the player base might be broadening, but it's also further fragmenting from the continued onslaught on MMOs either already released, or slated to be released soon. SWTOR is just one of those.

Maybe it's not the budget that causes the problem. Maybe its the real problem that causes the budget. Not to mention the silly developmental decision making.