Monday, March 29, 2010

Official Bioware SWTOR forum is the place where logic just doesn't exist

I don’t often visit the official SWTOR forums, though I did over the weekend. I’ve said in the past how I felt it being actually being counter-productive for developers to build “community” on games 2-3 years out from release. But it is particularly so when there is an expectation that takes hold that said game will be released in the given year, then it’s discovered through a quarterly investors meeting that the anticipated date is not even on the table. Leads to a grumpy community. In any event I visit the official forums only infrequently because to be honest, the real news from Bioware is very infrequent. And that largely relegated to the beginning experiences of the game. So far all we’ve seen or heard is about the PVE story-lines, touching on the limited grouping that can take place in regard to the larger group story-arcs. And we’ve seen brief glimpses of limited game-play during those beginning experiences.

Yet if you were to visit the official forums right now you’d find boards full of posts from hundreds (or thousands) of potential players who proclaim the game the best to have ever been released. Despite the fact it hasn’t been released and despite the fact that we virtually know nothing of the game at all. I’ve mentioned this all before. But it still strikes me how anyone can become this attached to a game that for all intents and purposes, has even yet to be made. Recent interviews with Bioware at the Game Developer Conference 2010 (GDC10) are very clear that much of the game has yet to be finalized, and you can read between lines that a lot of typical MMO components are still in the consideration phase.

Those who mention sticky little problems like that on the forums are usually castigated as WoW fanbois and ignored. There simply is no point in trying to speak in logical terms to a bunch of people who are bent upon SWTOR being the best game ever, no matter what. Not that I don’t want it to be too. I’m just a little too jaded to take anything at this point, for granted. I wish there was one location where you could go (you mean, like the Bioware SWTOR website??) where all the available information on the game were available without all the headache of the horde of player zombies to muddle up the information. Because if there were, I'd probably visit it regularly.