Friday, February 26, 2010

Festergut is finally dead

A day I never thought would come, came last night. Nine weeks to kill that guy, and in my excitement I forgot to take a screen shot unfortunately. The first and second attempts were our typical attempts, with the first getting him down to 39% and our second attempt only getting to 59%. Both attempts ended abruptly because people died. The third attempt though, got him down to 880k at the enrage timer with two people dieing at the beginning of the fight. We ended up replacing one Melee with another and on our fourth attempt we killed him either right before or right after his enrage timer. All I know is with like 2 seconds left I popped bubble and kept on DPSing. I don't think he actually enraged but there was some disagreement about that. I didn't bother checking my logs as I was too busy whispering friends that we'd finally killed the guy.

I still think it's going to be difficult for us to repeat the kill, but now that I have my Acidic Blood off him I really don't care if I see him again for a while. Monday is our next raid night and we'll be moving onto Rotface.