Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blizzard hotfixes love

Yes friends, the free ride is over. Blizzard introduced a hot fix this morning that disabled the ability to acquire bracelet tokens from vehicle combat, meaning you could no longer get them by running around inside Ulduar in a siege engine or by doing the bombing missions in Icecrown or doing any of the Threat before the Citadel missions there either. I can certainly see Blizzard's point as they were reacting to the tirade of displeasure by healers who were getting the shaft by not being able to get any in dungeon groups, where as everyone else was. And Blizzard didn't want the world event to be totally trivial, which the vehicle combat certainly made it. All the same, I'm glad I ran Ulduar for two days and got more Bracelets than I needed. I'd get 30 or so in 15 minutes and would have to leave the instance in order to clear my inventory.

All this means is that you will have to exercise some patience in completing the world event. You can get 50+ tokens of love a day for turning in four bracelets and completing the daily quests. And the world event lasts two full weeks, meaning you can get at least 650 tokens of love. I think we'll all be fine.