Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Once again into the breach

I mentioned yesterday that a friend of mine had started to play EVE Online on off-raid nights in WoW. He knew I used to play EVE, so he's been peppering me with questions. I know how confusing it can be to start, becayse unlike any other MMO I know of, EVE is the most new-user unfriendly game there is. Nothing CCP has done to date, that I know of, has taken the edge off that learning curve. Not that I neceasarily think that all of the learning curve is bad, but it certainly is very confusing to new players. EVE is so open, with so many mechanics to learn you literally don't even know where to begin.

As I said, he's been peppering me with questions, and while I could answer a lot of them, I was sort of surprised at how many of the details I had really forgotten, or that had grown fuzzy. I ended up reactiviating my two accounts and been spending a little time in the EVE universe the past few days. Certainly makes for an entertaining day on those Tuesdays when WoW is offline.

While EVE is EVE, and will always be EVE, one thing I did noticed had changed immediately was the price of Tritanium. It was hovering around the 4.05 price point when I last played in the Spring, but it's now down into the 2's and 3's in a lot of the zones. I'm very curious as to what could have made it drop that precipitously because it was my main money maker before I left. I'm still 13 days away from being able to fly a Hulk, but luckily I already have the money to buy and outfit it. But with Tritanium as low as 2-3 ISK per, it sort of makes sense for me to mine something else once I get into that Hulk. Means having to venture into less secure zones. Definately need to get back into my research and reading the EVE forums daily, so it seems I have something to do other than WoW again.