Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hulk smash!

One thing that playing another MMO, while skill training in EVE continues, gives me is the patience that was needed to complete the training required to fly the Hulk I had wanted back when I was heavily playing EVE in the Spring. Two weeks and I have my Hulk. It is good, and it smashes those roids. 8 hours from now I'll actually be able to use Modulated Strip Miner II's, and Mining Laser Upgrades, so I'll really be able to see my efficiency sky-rocket. Can't wait to see what it's like when my second account finishes the training for the Orca in a couple weeks. I guess I have the next two weeks to be able to afford it.

In any event, I'm tooling along in Eve, but this time I'm not dithering. I'm going to play casually and just let training happen. When I finish all the industrial training I want to complete, I'll then start looking at the combat/pvp stuff again.