Thursday, April 1, 2010

SWTOR classes will have sub-specialties

Either this is completely new information or I had missed it recently. But as I was perusing the SWTOR forum last night I came across information on the Sith Inquistor board that the class will have sub-specializations. There wasn’t enough information to infer whether actual sub-classes were being referred to or whether it was a matter of talent specialization. But the article did state that at some point in the characters progression you’d be able to specialize into an acrobatic, melee-centric fighter, or further branch into a ranged force power fighter. According to developer interviews the class is envisioned to be something of an amalgam of a “Darth Sidious” type and “Darth Maul” type so either specialization seemingly makes sense. However, I’m struggling with the “Darth Maul” aspect to the class.
“The Sith Inquisitor is the more agile rogue character: he doesn’t wear heavy armour, he’s much quicker, and when he gets to a certain level, he has to choose between two different paths. One path is more like Darth Maul, where you have the dual-bladed lightsaber and you’re all about acrobatic lightsaber moves. Or you can choose to do another path which is more of a ranged path, and more of a Emperor Palpatine path. You’re less about the lightsaber, more about the range and force powers.”
What are the real differences between the Sith Inquistor and the Sith Warrior then? As the Sith Warrior has been described as a “Darth Vader” type of fighter, are they saying the only essential differences between the two would be the athleticism aspect? Sith Inquistor is an amalgam of Rogue with some ranged attacks and Ranged DPS with some melee attacks. And Sith Warrior is an amalgam of Warrior and something else?

I do like the idea of each class being well rounded and I can only assume, though I don’t know this for a fact, that every class will have similar specializations and that the Jedi class will specialize in the same way the Sith Warrior does and the Jedi Counselor will specialize in the same way the Sith Inquistor does. Unknown to me is how the other classes will specialize. How would the Bounty Hunter and the Sith Agent specialize? But along that vein it does seem that the classes are being homogenized to some great degree and I'm really hoping that decision doesn't lead even greater credence to the impression the game will heavily favor an RPG versus an MMO.