Thursday, November 12, 2009

Captain obvious to the rescue

It's been all over the place that Star Trek Online will be released in Feb 2010. That after STO beta recentaly began. Which I might add, I still have not received a beta invite to. Today, my good friends at Cryptic send me this email just to make sure I had seen this tid bit of information.

Coming February, 2010

Greetings Captain!
We at Cryptic Studios just wanted to share the good news with you: Star Trek Online has an official release date!

You can begin boldly going where no one has gone before on February 2, 2010, in North America, and February 5, 2010, in Europe.

Be sure to drop by for more information, and for the latest Star Trek Online updates from across the universe.

Thanks, and we’ll see you soon!
- The Star Trek Online Team
Thanks Cryptic! I'd really love to be in there now seeing what the beta is all about, particularly because of the very speedy process Cryptic is using to push this MMO out the door. Some would say too quickly, but proof is to be had in the beta right now. I wonder how much news of other MMOs and expansions that are to be released in 2010 are driving this? In any regard, though I would love to be seeing for myself the answers to all the questions we've posed about STO on this blog over the past many weeks, but I guess letting me know what I already knew is close enough :)