Friday, September 18, 2009

NCSoft, meet Mythic

Do they not learn from one another? Mythic launched the "most anticipated" MMO of 2008 only to fall so low that all the pre-release trumpeting caused great embarrassment within a month after release. One would think that developers would be more wary about how the marketing babble they use to attract players can come back to haunt them after release when people figure out the latest MMO isn't the "WoW Killer" after all.

As with WAR, my son convinced me to check out AION. I am apparently one of the 400,000 people who have now pre-ordered it, but NCSoft would be greatly mistaken if they believe my pre-order means anything other than I am just going to be checking it out. I already hate the size of the client, which is even larger than WARs was. All the pretty graphics don't mean a damn thing if it leads to greater lag. And it will.

Though I have had my beta access for several weeks now, I haven't been all that interested to log in and try it out. From what I hear AION is a nice MMO, but will it be enough to drag me away from WoW? Perhaps this weekend I will see.