Monday, January 19, 2009

Upcoming patch 3.0.8

By now I'd think that everyone would have heard about the upcoming "minor content patch" that we should probably expect to hit the live servers next Tuesday. The patch might be called a "minor content patch", but that is only because it doesn't add new content. Overall the patch is on the larger side and there are quite a few class changes to get in front of. Since I'm pretty much only playing my Death Knight these days I've more or less been focusing on those to the detriment of the other classes. But even cursory looks through the remaining classes I think shows that Blizzard is still in the midst of trying to balance the classes.

Overall there are probably only a few changes that I would have removed. The first of which is the Death and Decay Glyph change. As of patch 3.0.8 glpyhed Death and Decay is having its "horror" effect removed. Instead it's being changed to increase damage by 20% while Death and Decay is active. There are other changes, like this, that were clearly in response to PVP complaints. And that just twerks my nerves. I do not like my PVE game changed to suit PVP game play. Basically the glyph was a requirement for DK PVP (read ARENA) play because of the mini-CC ability it gave. The problem with this change in particular is that lots of DKs, like mine, use it extensively in PVE for AOE farming, or for CC assistance on raids.

Now that will be gone, and I'll get very little out of a 20% buff to damage during DnD. I say that because DnD is usually only used on trash pulls. Its not part of my rotation on boss fights, so I lose the mini-CC effect and get a short term bump in damage on mobs where I really don't need that. Blizzard could have simply added diminishing returns on the horror effect, as they have done to nearly every other type of CC/silence effect in the game and been done with it.

Other changes of note are to Elemental Shaman, who are seeing somewhat of a buff to their DPS (10-20%) through an increase in spell coefficients and added AOE abilities through their fire totems. Rogues also are being buffed somewhat by removal of the cool down on Fan of Knives, which means they can start semi-AOE'ing on trash pulls like other classes. There are other changes to be sure, but I think those are the two biggest changes